10 Most Hated Video Game Figures

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Video Game Figures

When playing video games, you definitely see Video Game Figures. Not infrequently, these characters have traits that we unconsciously bring to the real world. However, not infrequently, some characters in video games make us annoyed when playing.

Some well-known video games actually include annoying characters that make us bully. Either the voice or because it bothers us. Here are some video game characters that make gamers furious.

Video Game Figures

Mr. Resetti (Animal Crossing, 2001)

Sonny Resetti or Mr. Resetti is a mole character in Video Game Figures in Animal Crossing. According to its characteristics, Mr. Recetti likes to come out of the basement. Want to see Mr. Recetti in Animal Crossing (2001)? Just try turning off the game without saving first (bigbadtoystore.com).

Forgot to save and immediately turn off Animal Crossing, Mr. The cake will appear when we play it back and “scold” us. The more often we reset, the longer the babbling gets! In fact, you should type a short apology. Maybe, it’s adorable at first. However, Mr. Recetti makes you annoyed after a long time!

Actually, Mr. intention. Good reception: so that Animal Crossing is played to its full potential, without reset. Then, what about Animal Crossing: New Horizon (2020) on Nintendo Switch? Mr. The cake is no longer spoiling because there is already an auto-save feature. In fact, miss his scolding, huh?

Have you ever played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? Surely you are familiar with Navi, the “loyal” fairy accompanying Link on his mission to save Hyrule. This fairy who was summoned from the Deku Tree played a role to help Link in eradicating the enemy.

However, compared to the benefits, we were annoyed by Navi’s voice which suddenly appeared and continued until the game was over! In fact, some lovers of The Legend of Zelda admit that Navi is indeed an annoying character. Therefore, in Breath of the Wild (2018), Navi is no longer there.

We meet this macho female character in The Last of Us 2. Yes, it is Abby Anderson. Abby is the daughter of Gerald “Jerry” Anderson, one of the antagonists in The Last of Us 1 who tries to operate on Ellie to find the Cordyceps mushroom vaccine. Long story short, Jerry was killed by Joel. Abby also swore revenge.

In addition to her burly body that makes boys feel inferior, Abby is hated for killing Joel, one of the moments that disappointed the players of The Last of Us 2, and became Ellie’s enemy (the fate of the antagonist character, the players hated). However, the gamers camp was divided. Some are #TeamAbby and some are #TeamEllie. Which team are you?

In Duck Hunt, you play as a hunter who shoots ducks. You are also accompanied by a dog that hides in the grass and catches the ducks that you hunt. Should be, this dog is quite useful, right?

However, that was the only point. If we fail to shoot 10 ducks (and, of course, we have failed), the dog laughs at us. What’s “Man’s Best Friend” ?! The dog-like laugh at Duck Hunt infuriates anyone who has played it.

Want to try shooting the dog? Yes, but only in the arcade version. If you shoot the dog, it will appear at the end of the session with a walking stick and a burnt face, barking angrily and saying,

Navi (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, 1998)

Navi (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, 1998) Video Game Figure

Who hates chatty, arrogant, and useless Video Game Figures characters? Those are the right words to reflect Ashley Graham, one of the main characters in Resident Evil 4. In this game, Leon S. Kennedy is assigned to save Ashley, who is the son of the US President, from a cult. Can you imagine, why is this girl so arrogant !?

If you’ve completed Resident Evil 4, you know how annoying Ashley can be. Apart from not contributing anything, he often goes missing, forcing Leon to look for him again! His songong tone made him irritated. Mending just leave it, ah!

Denise Clinton (Grand Theft Auto V, 2013)

Franklin Clinton’s aunt, one of the main Video Game Figures characters in GTA 5, Denise Clinton, is the next most annoying character in the game. Living with Franklin in Los Santos, Aunt Denise isn’t actually the antagonist we have to fight, and is only seen in the cutscene. Then, why do so many hate it?

Like most nagging moms, everything Franklin did looked wrong to Aunt Denise! A feminist and yoga activist, Aunt Denise would often bring her friends and change Franklin’s house without permission. No need for interaction, anyone would stay away from Aunt Denise, except for her friends!

Officer Frank Tenpenny (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, 2004)

GTA: San Andreas is one of the most memorable Video Game Figures from PS2. Tells the adventures of Carl Johnson, GTA: San Andreas also introduces several antagonists who are just right to be hated. One of them is Officer Frank Tenpenny. Fun fact, Tenpenny’s voice was filled by Samuel L. Jackson!

A little information, Officer Tenpenny is a member of the organization C.R.A.S.H, which was formed to fight thuggery. However, it turns out that Officer Tenpenny is a member of the Ballas gang, and the culprit who allowed thuggery and drug transactions to circulate! He also threatened CJ so that we would carry out his orders.

So, the reason is pretty clear, right? Apart from the evil and hypocritical character, Officer Tenpenny really reflects the antagonistic Video Game Figures that invite the player’s hatred. That way, GTA: San Andreas feels more relatable.

Slippy Toad (Star Fox, 1993)

Slippy Toad is a member of the Star Fox team. As a skilled mechanic and pilot, Slippy Toad should help us on various missions, right? Very wrong! Similar to Ashley Graham, Slippy Toad is useless and just a hassle.

Feeling good at himself, Slippy Toad continued to give us useless advice. Apart from that, this Video Game figure frog pilot with an irritating voice also continued to rush into the battlefield rashly. As a result, he was always trapped and had to be saved.

Tom Nook (Animal Crossing, 2001)

Besides Mr. Resetti, Tom Nook is also one of the annoying characters in Animal Crossing. This raccoon or tanuki-shaped character has traits that remind us of Mr. Krab in SpongeBob Squarepants. Yes, they are both greedy for wealth and money.

For the first time arriving in town and entering the house, you will have Tom Nook’s arrival. After the pleasantries, it turns out that you are given a high mortgage burden! He will then offer you a part-time job at his shop. Fortunately, Nook’s mortgage burden isn’t interest-free.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizon, Tom Nook is a tycoon and his business is flourishing. However, he employs underage raccoons, Timmy and Tommy in one of his shops! If there are no antagonists in Animal Crossing, you might think of Tom Nook as one of them.

Diana Allers (Mass Effect 3, 2012)

In addition to the ending that sparked controversy and outrage from some players, Mass Effect 3 also has some unwelcome characters. One of the Video Game Figures is Diana Allers, a journalist from the Battlespace division of the Alliance News Network. In this game, Diana will interview Commander Shephard and try to seduce him.

Mass Effect 3 players hated Diana Allers for her poor voiceover and character designs. This character is voiced by Jessica Chobot, a former IGN frontman. Therefore, many thought this game was trying to “lick” IGN into giving good reviews.

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