5 Best Advantages of Discord for Gamers

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Advantages of Discord for Gamers

Advantages of Discord for Gamers: Discord is an application commonly used by gamers to communicate with one another using a private server. You can interact with both text and voice chat.

This application is different from other applications because it has unique features, such as the ability to install bots to play songs and search for images. This application also makes it easy to interact for free and has a wide reach. In addition, improvements to the Discord Nitro version of the app have better functionality even though they are paid.

Advantages of Discord for Gamers

Can add friends from all over the world

Discord has many different features and advantages especially for gamers. This makes this application popular with gamers that play games to make friends and be able to join the game.

There are so many communities that you can join to make friends. In fact, playing games is not only a hobby here, but also has the potential to generate income.

Join a wide variety of gaming communities

With a variety of features available, Discord also has private servers and a variety of communities that exist. This feature makes it easy for gamers to find the interaction they want without having to be complicated.

On the other hand, you can also create separate channels with different access permissions for all users. This prevents the members on the server from hanging out with everyone who has different preferences in one channel.

Make it easy to communicate with gamers

By using text or voice messages, you can interact with the members on the server. The bots that are available on the server can also warn existing members to say politely and not mess up.

The server itself is very large and has more than 100 thousand users on it. Among gamers, Minecraft and PUBG are the communities with the most members.

Mobile version for easy access

If it’s just a casual chat, Discord has also released a mobile version that can be used easily. In addition, this mobile version of Discord has provided an overlay feature to make gamers more comfortable when playing games while chatting. If you’re a YouTube streamer, Discord is a great place to manage your followers.

Discord provides facilities as a reliable streamer. With Discord’s streamer mode, you can hide Discord tags which consist of letter combinations and other personal info while streaming.

The appearance is attractive and easy to use

The mobile version of Discord has released version 65.5 and updated the mobile interface to make it easier to use. The simple and attractive appearance turns out to make members feel at home chatting for a long time until they forget the time.

Meanwhile, the background noise suppression and noise canceling features make the microphone sound clearer because there are no annoying noises.

This application, which was released in 2015, has a lot of progress and developments in an era of intense competition. Available in several languages, this application is in demand in almost all parts of the world.

So, are you interested in using Discord to play games? Don’t forget to invite your friends, OK!

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