6 Best Benefits of Marshmallow for Health

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Benefits of Marshmallow

Benefits of Marshmallow for Health: The marshmallow plant is best known for its use as an ingredient in sweet and chewy confectionery. Marshmallow treats were originally made from the marshmallow plant, but nowadays many marshmallow snacks are no longer using the marshmallow plant (healthline.com).

Previously, the marshmallow plant had long been used as a medicinal herb to treat various health conditions. Read on to find out what are the health benefits of marshmallows.

Benefits of Marshmallow for Health

Accelerate cough healing disease

Accelerate cough healing

Marshmallow extract has been shown to reduce cough severity and duration. This is one of the benefits of marshmallows This claim has been substantiated in a study published in the journal Complementary Medicine Research.

According to scientists involved in the study, this is because certain compounds in marshmallows can interact with serotonin receptors, which play a role in the body’s cough reflex. The compounds in marshmallows can also form a protective layer on the lining of the throat, which can prevent irritation of the throat.

Has anti-inflammatory properties

There is evidence that specific compounds in marshmallows, such as polysaccharides and flavonoids, have anti-inflammatory effects. One study in the journal Pharmaceutical Biology with rat subjects examined the effects of a liquid solution of marshmallow extract and found that the extract significantly reduced chronic and acute inflammation. This is one of the benefits of marshmallows

Researchers think that marshmallow extract reduces inflammation by forming a protective coating on the lining of the throat and intestines, which can protect this tissue from irritation.

Overcoming skin problems

Marshmallow root can help with skin irritation and inflammation. This is one of the benefits of marshmallows. A review in Advances in Dermatology and Allergology / Postȩpy Dermatologic I Allergologii suggests that topical application of marshmallow can help treat eczema and damage from UV radiation or sun exposure.

Although marshmallow root has a healing effect on sun-damaged skin, it should not be used as a substitute for sunscreen. UV radiation from the sun is a major cause of skin cancer, and it can also cause premature aging of the skin.

Protect against stomach ulcers

A study reported in the Pharmaceutical and Biosciences Journal found that marshmallow flower extract can help protect the intestines from stomach ulcers. The study was conducted by testing the effect of the extract on mice using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to induce ulcers in rodents. As a result, mice that received marshmallow root were less likely to experience stomach ulcers than mice that did not get marshmallow extract.

From these studies, it was concluded that the mucus and flavonoids in the marshmallow plant can cover and protect the stomach’s mucosal lining, which can reduce the risk of developing certain ulcers, including those associated with NSAIDs.

Serves as a diuretic

Marshmallow root can also work as a diuretic. Diuretics help the body get rid of excess fluid, which can clean the kidneys and bladder.

Marshmallow extract can support overall urinary tract health. Research in the Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine suggests that marshmallow has antibacterial effects that may be useful in treating urinary tract infections.

To use it, make marshmallow root tea by adding 2 teaspoons of marshmallow root to a cup of boiling water. You can drink several cups of marshmallow tea throughout the day.

In general, marshmallows are a good natural choice for treating minor ailments. But, like other herbal remedies, you cannot use herbs as a substitute for the treatment recommended by a doctor.

Overcoming High Cholesterol

Animal studies have found marshmallows to improve cholesterol levels, specifically HDL, commonly known as good cholesterol. Normal HDL levels help keep your heart healthy.

If observed, there are lots of studies that show the benefits of marshmallows for overcoming various health problems. However, further studies are still needed, before this plant can be recommended as a therapy for these various complaints.

Besides, the marshmallow candy that is known today no longer uses marshmallow plant extract but is made from sugar, gelatin, and egg white. Therefore, marshmallow candy is generally high in calories and is considered to have no nutritional value.

The American Heart Association recommends that you limit your daily sugar intake to 100 calories for women and 150 calories for men. This amount is equivalent to six to nine teaspoons of sugar.

So, limit your consumption of marshmallows to 6–9 pieces per day. This amount is the maximum recommended limit if you do not consume other sources of sugar.

Thus the benefits of Marshmallow for Health, hopefully, useful

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