5 Benefits of Practicing Yoga

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Benefits of Practicing Yoga: Exercising has many variations. If you may not be a good fit for cardio, yoga is an alternative sport that has a number of benefits. Yoga is a sport that combines physical exercise and meditation.According to Harvard Health Publishing, yoga aims to train physically without having to lose. Not only that, yoga also focuses on exercise so that the body becomes calmer.
Quoted from WebMD, here are the health benefits of doing yoga regularly.

Benefits of Practicing Yoga

1. Exercise flexibility

Yoga helps relax muscles. This helps the body when doing activities and reduces fatigue. According to research, a person will feel a change in flexibility in their body as much as 35 percent after doing yoga regularly for 8 weeks. Apart from flexibility, yoga can also improve one’s posture.

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2. Improve heart health

Yoga has long been believed to be effective in lowering blood pressure. This is good for those who have heart disease and stroke. Not only that, yoga can also increase immunity and lower cholesterol.
In one study it was found that people who regularly practiced yoga for five years had lower blood pressure and pulse rate than people who did not do yoga. In the same study also found that the combination of yoga and a healthy lifestyle was good for reducing the risk of developing heart disease.

3. Maintain mental health

Because yoga focuses on meditation, it can help relieve stress, anxiety and promote relaxation. Researchers have found that yoga can reduce the main stress hormone cortisol.
In another study found that which is a good anti-depression. So it can be concluded that yoga is able to maintain mental health to stay healthy.

4. Improve sleep quality

Difficulty sleeping or lack of sleep has many dire consequences on the body from obesity to heart disease. If someone experiences this, then yoga can be a solution. Yoga can increase the release of the hormone melatonin, which controls the sleep cycle. This can improve the quality of one’s sleep.

5. Practicing breathing

Many may not pay much attention to how we breathe every day. Even though good quality breathing has benefits for the body, especially for lung health. Yoga can be a solution to practice focusing on breath control.
According to research, people who regularly practice yoga have increased lung vital capacity. Improving the quality of breathing can build endurance, optimize performance, and maintain healthy lungs and heart.

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