8 The most expensive fruit in the world

Fruit is one of the most preferred food intakes for most people, especially with the number of benefits of vitamins it has. Some of them are also sold at relatively cheap prices so that they can be reached by every level of society. Interestingly, if all this time we have known durian as one of the most expensive fruits, it turns out that there are a number of other types of fruit that are priced at more fantastic prices, you know!

Is the largest banana in the world that was viral some time ago, including one of them? It’s better to just see the complete discussion about the most expensive fruit in the world below.

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List The most expensive fruit in the world

8. Orange Decopons – $ 68.86

Orange Decopons – The most expensive fruit in the world

Dekopon (デ コ ポ ン) is a seedless and sweet variety of mandarin orange.

It is a hybrid between Kiyomi and ponkan (Nakano no.3), developed in Japan in 1972.

Originally a brand name, “Dekopon” has become a genericized trademark and it is used to refer to all brands of the fruit; the generic name is shiranuhi or shiranui (不知 火). Dekopon is distinctive due to its sweet taste, large size and the large protruding bump on the top of the fruit (wikipedia.org).

there is the Dekopon Orange which is dubbed as one of the most expensive fruits in the world.

The fruit, which some claim is the world’s tastiest orange, is sold for around $ 68.86 per pack, consisting of 6 oranges.

Regarding taste, this orange is said to have a much fresher taste than other types of oranges. Naturally, yes, the price is expensive, gang.

7. Densuke Watermelon – $ 241.02

Densuke Watermelon – The most expensive fruit in the world

Densuke watermelons only grow in Hokkaido, Japan. The rind on the watermelon is visibly darker and the flesh is known to be much sweeter than the regular watermelons sold elsewhere.

The Densuke watermelon, which has a beautiful and slippery surface like in this photo, turns out to be sold for up to 241.02 US dollars.

Although the price is expensive, this fruit which comes from Japan is actually smaller than the standard sizes sold in Europe and the United States.

Reportedly, this fruit is selling at fantastic prices because it is very rare and can only be harvested in quantities of around less than a hundred annually throughout Japan.

Prices for individual Densuke watermelons actually average around US$250, but top quality melons at auction pick up anything from $1000 to $4500, even going as high as $6000 one year!.

Auctions every year happen in June and draw quite a crowd, not to mention the number of yen they pull in.

Experts say that the quality in sweetness and taste is much higher than the other melons in the market and the texture is crunchier. The melons are also limited in numbers which puts them in high demand, and high price.

You should be able to find the melons in some select stores, but the best way to buy is online.

If you wanna feel like a baller grab a melon and crack it open for breakfast one morning! Your Instagram friends will certainly be jealous.

6. Watermelon Box – $ 778

Watermelon Box – The most expensive fruit in the world

You may often see boxed watermelons in post content on social media, but do you know the price of this fruit?

Reportedly, the boxed watermelon is one of the most expensive fruits in the world, which costs around 778 US for a weight of 5 kg.

The high price is of course due to its unique shape and difference from other watermelons. It is said that the shape of the box was obtained thanks to the planting technique which was printed in a wooden box. price and taste make this fruit become one of the most expensive fruit in the world.

Even so, the taste and other characteristics of this fruit are actually no different from watermelons in general.

5. Heligan pineapple – $ 1556

Heligan pineapple – The most expensive fruit in the world

If usually pineapple is one of the fruits that can be purchased at affordable prices, this is different from the Heligan pineapple in Cornwall, England.

These pineapples are priced exorbitant, because there are special techniques used when planting them to be able to thrive in the highlands of Europe.

So, do not be surprised if this Heligan pineapple is sold at a price of up to 1,556 US dollars. so this price make this fruit on of the most expensive fruit in the world

Unfortunately, the most expensive pineapple in the universe developed at the Lost Gardens of Heligan is not sold on the market.

The pineapple was deliberately planted to be given to employees, and part of it was auctioned off for the proceeds to be donated to charities.

4. Tyo no Tamago mangoes – $ 3000

Tyo no Tamago mangoes – The most expensive fruit in the world

The mangoes, named “Taiyo no Tamago”, which translates to ‘egg of the sun’ are actually the Irwin cultivar, but fetch surprisingly high prices in Japan’s luxury fruit market.

Atlas Obscura reported on a normal day Taiyo no Tamago mangoes will sell for upwards of US$50. The reason for the high price tag is the care taken when growing the fruit and make this fruit become the most expensive fruit in the world.

The mangoes sold at auction met certain requirements, according to the Miyazaki Agricultural Economic Federation, weighing at least 350g each, with high sugar content and at least 50 percent of their skin covered in the signature red hue.

This year’s result topped the record high of ¥400,000 (US$3,600). This year’s winners were a local produce wholesale company who will sell the mangoes at a department store in Fukuoka, the largest city within the Kyushu region located in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Shota Tatemoto, an employee from the wholesale company said the record sale price will give a lift to the growers of the mangoes.

3. Bijin-hime Strawberry – $ 3856

Bijin-hime Strawberry – The most expensive fruit in the world

This Bijin-hime strawberry which translates to “beautiful princess” has a price that is not kidding, gang!

Not only is it the most expensive, this one strawberry is also the largest among other types of strawberries with a weight of around 100 grams.

This fruit, which again comes from Japan, is priced at a fantastic price because it is harvested in limited quantities and only in certain seasons.

According to Mikio Okuda who developed this fruit, the Bijin-hime Strawberries are best harvested in February. So, no wonder why the price is so expensive. At a great price make this price one of the most expensive fruit in the world

2. Ruby Roman grapes – $ 10,721

Ruby Roman grapes

Not only is it known for its various strange and eccentric technologies, it seems that Japan is also one of the most expensive fruit in the world.

The proof, after previously there was a Bijin-hime strawberry, then there is another most expensive fruit that comes from this country, namely Ruby Roman Wine.

The fruit, which is dubbed the world’s most expensive grape, is a type of grape that was specially developed in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

Regarding price, Ruby Roman wine reportedly sells for US $ 10,721.

1. Melon Yubari – $ 46,481

Melon Yubari – The most expensive fruit in the world

Judging from its shape, maybe many of you will think that this Yubari melon is similar to other types of melons. Round, with light green skin color.

However, who would have thought that this melon from Japan turned out to have a fantastic price that is even equivalent to a luxury car, you know.

Reportedly, Yubari melons are sold for up to 46,481 per fruit and make this fruit become the most expensive fruit in the world.

It is said that the high price of Yubari melons is because the fruit is the result of a cross between two types of melons, which are grown in greenhouses and harvested in limited quantities.

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