Google Meet

What is Google Meet

Google Meet (Hangouts Meet / Meet) is another online video-conferencing application or software. This is another version of Google Hangouts, which is specially designed for businesses of all sizes (

Google Meet allows users to make video calls with 30 other users per meeting. In other words, Google Meet can be an alternative medium for socializing with work colleagues or even conducting work meetings. Google Meet is integrated with G Suite, which allows users to join directly from Calendar or an invitation sent via email.

In addition, meeting invitations made from the application can also be accessed via the link and meeting code sent, as well as a telephone number if available.

If you are using Skype for Business you can also join Google Meet meetings via the Pexip Infinity Platform.

The meet application can also be enjoyed via mobile devices, either Android or iOS. You can also monitor the schedule of meetings with all the important information from the Calendar like the desktop version.

As for how to create a meeting invitation at a meet by creating an account in G Suite. You will be asked to fill in some data such as business, choosing the number of employees, and personal data to become a G Suite admin.

Follow the registration flow to complete. Only then will you have access to business email, video conferencing, online storage and other business tools. If you want to try this service, G Suite offers a free 14-day trial. There is no software to download for the 14 day free trial.

New Features (April 2021)

Activate saver mode. This function is useful for saving data usage, battery and cpu performance.
The Q&A with Google Meet feature is available on Android Devices
Polls on Google Meet are available on Android devices
New Android Security Control for Education users
End a meeting for all on iOS

Benefits of Google Meet

The creation and updating of Google Meet which is much more interesting and offers the best features than its predecessor the classic Google Hangouts, here are the advantages that Google Meet offers:

Helping workers and employees to hold meetings wherever they are by using video calls.

Unique and functional interface or interface with a light and fast size, prioritizes efficient management, easy to use (user friendly) that all participants can follow.

Users can invite meeting participants and share features.


Of course, Google Meet comes and offers many features that can help individual and corporate use even on a large scale. Here are the features you can rely on from Google Meet:

  • Can invite up to 100 participants per call for G Basic Suite users, 150 people for G Suite Business users, and 260 people per meeting for users who purchased a G Suite Enterprise plan.
  • Has the ability to join meetings from the web or via an application installed by Android and iOS smartphone users.
  • Meet has the advantage of conducting online meetings with a dial-in number.
  • If a G Suite Enterprise edition user uses a dial-in number, the user password will be protected.
  • Meet integrates with Google Calendar for one-click meeting calls.
  • Share the screen to present documents, spreadsheets, or presentations.
  • Encrypted calls between all its users.
  • Closed text generated by the AI.


Although Google Hangouts Meet can be used for free for a small scale of 25 people or simply accept an invitation to take a joint Google Meet teleconference if you want to use this application for your company or a larger association, here are the Google Meet packages that can You take advantage of.

  • G Suite Basic Plan
    • With 6 US dollars per month, you can do online video conferencing by inviting up to 100 participants per meeting.
  • G Suite plan
    • For 12 US dollars per month, you can invite and conduct online meetings with up to 150 participants.
  • G Suite for Enterprise plan
    • At a cost of US $ 25 per month, this premium user can invite 250 people to an online meeting or share the Livestream with 100 thousand viewers and save the online meeting recordings to Google Drive for free and use the full features of Google Meet even more freely.

How to use Google Meet

Given the many ways internet users stay connected, whether it’s mobile or sitting in front of a computer screen, Google Meet integrates all devices to make it easier for all users.

For smartphone users

For those of you who are more mobile or prefer to use a smartphone / HP, you can download this application Play Store and App Store. Register or Sign Up using your Gmail. If you are already registered, you will be able to conduct online conferences using the chat or video conferencing features. Click the (+) icon in the lower right corner of the app and select New Video Call, then add participants by entering their email address or phone number.

For desktop/computer users

You can access Google Meet on your official page, then click Join or Start a Meeting. Here you must create a meeting code and meeting title before inviting participants.

The meet website will ask permission to access the microphone and camera. Click Join Now to join the virtual meeting room, the presentation will take place on the computer screen.

If you want to invite more people to join the meeting, please copy and paste the video conference or simply add a new participant email.

Google Meet vs Hangouts

Although both are provided by Google, there are differences between meeting, including:

  • Google Meet is only available for GSuite users while Hangouts is available by default for those who have a Gmail account.
  • Unbeatable features for which customers they are made.
  • Google meets more sophisticated features than hangouts.


After a lot of office work stopped physically and made workers do work forms, many of the online conferencing applications have sprung up even from applications that we have never known or heard of before. The available virtual meeting applications also update and improve their teleconferencing applications more efficiently.

Even Google Hangouts, which is now undergoing a change to Google Meet, has not been spared to help and accommodate the massive changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, Google Hangouts had a limitation that could only show 4 participants in 1 teleconference.