8 How to Choose the Best Cat Food

Just like humans, cats need appropriate food so that their health conditions are maintained. You have to pay attention to how to choose the best cat food.

In order for your favorite cat to stay healthy, maintain its fitness, agile, and of course so that your pet cat is protected from disease.

If you are still confused about how to choose cat food, try to follow these tips on how to choose the best cat food.

Usually, high quality cat food is expensive. The Pet Helpful page says that the high price is in accordance with the quality of basic ingredients and nutrients contained in food for cats.

However, there are still plenty of good quality cat foods that can fit into your budget. The important thing you need to do is read the packaging label and adapt it to your cat’s condition.

How to choose the best cat food

Prioritize Dry Food

Dry Cat Food – How to Choose the Best Cat Food

You need to know that there are two basic types of food for cats, namely wet and dry food. In this case, you can choose dry cat food because it is more durable and still has a friendly price.

Do not stop there. Dry food can also allow cats to train their teeth and help prevent plaque build-up because it doesn’t leave litter on the cat’s teeth.

Then what about wet food? Well, you can give the cat wet food with a few notes, namely if the cat lacks water intake or has weakened bite power (can be used for old kittens or cats).

Wet food has several advantages, apart from high water content, wet food also has more flavor variants than dry food.

So, you can combine the two so that the cat doesn’t get bored quickly.

Cat activity

One of the tips for determining what food is suitable for your pet cat is to pay attention to cat activity. This is so that the cat gets the right nutrition so that his body condition is not disturbed.

For active cats, regular food is sufficient nutritionally. However, if your cat is not very active and stays at home a lot, try feeding him an indoor formula.

This type of cat food usually contains less fat so that the cat is not obese.

The basic ingredients of cat food

Reading the label is important in determining which foods to feed your cat. Good cat food is usually made from meat, rice, eggs, fiber, and contains no artificial sweeteners.

Pet Helpful reminds you to avoid some ingredients that are harmful to cat health. For example, beef fat, corn, and artificial coloring. Also avoid foods that do not contain real meat at all.

Cat’s age

Choosing cat food also needs to pay attention to the age of the pet cat. For kittens less than one year old, feed them with kitten formula.

Meanwhile, cats aged one to seven years need to consume adult cat formula. For cats over the age of seven, provide food labeled as senior formula.

However, the vet can provide different food suggestions according to the cat’s condition. Therefore, you need to have your cat checked regularly.

Cat Health Conditions

There are many health problems that cats can experience. Starting from allergies, stomach pain, urinary tract problems, and so on.

You can make this a consideration to choose which foods you should give.

Choose Foods That Contain High Animal Protein

Just like humans, cats also need nutritious foods that contain high animal protein. You can choose cat food with high-quality protein, grain-free, and no additives.

Adjust Food to Pet Cat Breeds

Apart from being divided into dry and wet food, cat food is also adapted to the breed of cat you keep at home. You can choose them easily because these foods are specially made based on the characteristics of each race such as fur or body characteristics.

Pay attention to the cat food storage location

cat food storage location

The last way to choose cat food is to adjust the type of food to where it is stored. If you buy wet cat food, make sure you store it properly as wet food expires faster. In addition, pay attention to the ease of buying to its efficiency before buying the right cat food.

Those are the tips on how to choose the best cat food, hopefully this will be useful

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