5 The best outfits for your body type

Choosing the best outfits for your body type is tough. You are often confused about how to choose clothes that fit your body. You certainly want every flaw in your body to be covered and other people won’t see or be aware of these deficiencies, right? (vogue.com)

In fact, every woman has a different body shape, and from this body shape there are advantages and disadvantages that stand out.

Of course you definitely don’t want those shortcomings to stand out more than the strengths you have, right?

Choosing the right clothes is not because you consider your height and weight, but it depends on your body shape.

Here are tips on how to choose the best outfits for your body type and find out what body type you have, and what you should use and what to avoid.

The best outfits for your body type

1. Square body shape

Women who have this body shape, shoulders and hips have the same width, so that the body shape resembles a square.

Usually women with this body shape do not have an indentation at the waist and are only straight from the shoulders to the hips.

Women with this body shape also tend to have small or flat chests and flattened buttocks as well.


  • Better to use two pieces of clothes to disguise the shape of the body without curves, for superiors try to find one that has curves or an A-line type of shirt.
  • If you want to wear a dress or overalls, add accessories such as a belt or obi to give the effect of curves to the waist.
  • Use a pleated skirt to make your hips look full.


  • Never wear tight clothes, because it will show a more straight body shape.
  • Don’t use clothes that are too loose, because it will emphasize the straight shape of the body you have.
  • If you have a small chest, never wear a low collar, try to use a high collar to disguise it.2.

2. Inverted triangle body shape

  • Women with this body shape have broad and broad chests but small hips.
  • This body shape that resembles an inverted triangle is usually owned by people who like to play swimming or have athletic bodies.


  • Use clothes or t-shirts that fall off or are not stiff, because such material will disguise broad shoulders.
  • Use pants with wide cuts such as semi boot cut or regular cut.
  • For skirts or dresses, use what makes the lower body look full, such as the A-line model.


  • It is not recommended to use a tank top or sleeveless shirt, because sleeveless clothes will really show your broad shoulders.
  • Avoid wearing pants, tight skirts or pencil models that are tapered below so as not to show more of the small lower body.
  • Do not use additional foam on the shoulders of the shirt or blazer, because it will increase the width of the shoulders.

3. Pear body shape

Women who have a pear-shaped body tend to have large hips, buttocks, and thighs, with a small butt or chest.

Many people are actually thin, but look full just because the bottom looks big.


  • Use pants that go wide at the bottom to disguise the shape of a large butt.
  • Use clothes that have lots of details, such as lace, big collars, off-shoulder shirts, or wide enough sleeves, so they can distract people from their upper body.
  • Use dark colors for pants or skirts that you use to disguise a large lower body.


  • Don’t use pants or skirts that are too tight because they will make your lower body stand out and make your body look very full. However, if you believe in accentuating your big hips, wearing tight pants or a skirt might make you look sexy.

4. Hourglass body shape

Women with this body shape can be said to have the ideal and coveted body shape.

The balance between the shoulders and hips and the curves that are clearly visible at the waist makes the body resemble an hourglass.


  • You can try using a skirt or pencil pants to show your curves. This will make you look sexy!
  • You can also try using an obi belt, or accessories in the waist area to show your curves.
  • You can also choose a top with an open neck or a V neck model.


  • Do not use loose clothes because it will make the body look bigger. Clothes that are too loose also don’t show the curves you have.
  • If you have a large chest, avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, especially for tops or the chest.

5. Apple body shape

Apple-shaped women tend to be big at the top, but don’t have any dent at the waist.

Usually women who have this body tend to have a broad torso, with a large chest and abdomen, but the hips, legs and thighs tend to be smaller.

If you have a body like this don’t worry, you can still trick it!


  • You can try using a dress with an A-line model to form a curve in your waist that tends to be wide.
  • With an apple body shape, usually, the main point is on the legs. So don’t hesitate to show off your legs by using short pants or skirts but with a cut at the waist. Avoid wearing pants or skirts below the waist.
  • You can also choose a top with a V neck neckline. Usually, apple-shaped people have beautiful breasts, so you can accentuate them by wearing a dress or V-neck collar.


  • Don’t wear tight clothes. Such as clothes, leggings, pencil pants, and the like.
  • Do not use excessive accessories, let alone a large belt that will only add to the fullness of the stomach.
  • Stay away from clothes with excessive patterns as this will only make people’s eyes look at your upper body, and make your body look fuller.

That’s how to choose the best outfits for your body type. Whatever the form, as long as you are confident you can wear the clothes you want.